G59/3 and Export Limiters

G59/3 & Export Limiters

G59/3 Solar panels

Our control panels offer the solution to your G59/3 requirements and can be used for any type of embedded generator system such as diesel engine/alternator, wind turbine, solar PV or water turbine. As standard we provide a variety of different features, including din rail mounted sockets for our commissioning engineers to use when setting up the equipment as we supply test contacts on the contactor as standard. Our enclosures are generally rated at IP65 with a door interlock and are padlockable for added security.
We are also able to offer customers a range of different items to suit their specifications:
  • Surge arrestors
  • Energy meters
  • Circuit breakers
  • Isolators.
  • Viewing panels.
  • GRP enclosures.
If you have larger cables we can recommend a variety of different enclosures and connections. Our panels can be supplied in single or 3 phase from 4kw to 1Mwatt with a range of programmable relays to suit your needs.

We are able to provide on-site commissioning and testing to UK Mainland.
Export Limiters

Recently the large increase in Renewable Connections has reached a stage in certain areas where the Network can no longer take all the potential generation connected to it. In these area the DNO's have responded by allowing connections on the basis that limited export or no export at all is required. Where limited export only is permitted and the User/Generator may have a widely varying local load, the answer is to utilise as export limiting relay. This monitors the export via CT's at the mains incoming supply point. The export limiting relay can be set to maximum levels of export and programmed to switch off an appropriate number of inverters either in one stage or a number of stages.

The DNO's requirments for this vary considerably. A working group has been set up to look at this issue, presumably with the view to standardise their requirements. Some DNO's have issued guidelines for their witnessing engineers to work to in verifying the relay settings and practically testing the systems.

In general terms the guidelines prohibit the use of Bluetooth, as a fail-safe system. Additionally the equipment must operate within a 1 second. At Solatest we are able to supply the hardware and site test by secondary injection this type of equipment to the requirements of the DNO.

This equipment can generally be incorporated alongside the G59 relay panel and tested at the same time. The system will work with a mixture of Renewables, PV and Wind Turbine.

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