What is G59?

The purpose of the engineering recommendation G59/3 is to give guidance for the installation of embedded generators, and also specify the protection requirements to ensure the safety of the National Grid distribution system. The engineering recommendation deals with generation above 16amps per phase up to 5MW whether the installations are small scale static devices or large rotating machines.

The prime purpose is the safety of DNO (Distribution Network Operator) personnel. When a generation system is continuous parallel with the grid, should the grid drop, then the generating equipment must be disconnected to ensure there is no back feed of energy to the point of the break. This is to ensure that there is no power present which will endanger DNO personnel attending the break in the network.

As embedded generation can have an effect on the grid voltage and frequency, the engineering recommendation specifies the maximum and minimum values permitted to maintain the system within the limits required by the National Distribution Code.

At Solatest we supply, commission, and test the G59/3 panel in its final site location ensuring it meets G59/3 regulations.
Power Quality

With the increasing use of Renewables the Electricity Network is becoming a more complex entity with a greater risk of disturbances. Power quality is therefore becoming a more commonly talked about issue. At Solatest we have extensive contact with all sorts of G59 applications and our past experience in Power Quality means we are well placed to recognise potential problems. Our engineers have first-hand experience of carrying out Power Quality surveys and are uniquely experienced in the issues likely to affect or be affected by Renewable Systems. We have our own Power Quality instrumentation.

We also have close association’s with manufacturers of HV and LV equipment for the following applications:
  • Power Factor correction equipment. LV and HV.
  • Harmonic Filters, Active and Passive both for the LV and High Voltage market.
  • Reactive Compensation for Windfarms.
  • Surge Suppression.

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